What’s your warranty policy?

For the replaced part there is 6 months warranty . we can help to double check for other issues.

How fast to get phone fixed?

Most issues we can fix in a few hours if the part is available in store.

How fast to get tablet/Ipad screen replaced?

It needs around two to three hours to replace the screen if the part is available in store.

What’s the order time for the out store parts?

The normal order time is around 2 weeks for most popular modules. Contact us for order time.

Do you have on site service?

We do plan to supply on site service for some urgent specific cases. Contact us first to see when or what kind of service is available now.

Do you take repair service with customer’s material?

Yes. we can. we charge service fee. but no warranty for the replaced part.

What kind information needs supply when ordering?

There is some critical information such as the brand name ,module number and color.

Do you need deposit for the ordering part?

Yes. It’s better make some deposit for the parts